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Legal Nurse Consultant Mastery Program

Six-Week Course for aspiring and experienced LNCs looking to master their skills in legal nurse consulting

Are you a nurse aspiring to become a Legal Nurse Consultant (LNC) or a beginning LNC looking to branch out on your own? Look no further! Join our comprehensive Six-Week JIC Course designed specifically for you. Led by experienced Legal Nurse Consultant, Therese “Tez” Bryars, RN, BSN, LNCC, this course will equip you with the skills and knowledge to excel in the LNC field.

Course Details

Duration: July 10, 2024 – August 14, 2024
Sessions: Once a week on Wednesdays, 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. CST
Cost: $995 (includes access to scheduled open Zoom sessions)

Why Enroll in Our Six-Week Legal Nurse Consultant Mastery Program?

Our course is tailored for:

  • Nurses aspiring to transition into the LNC field
  • Beginning LNCs seeking to enhance their skills
  • LNCs currently subcontracting who want to establish their own practice

What You’ll Learn

Week 1: Is LNC for Me?

  • Discover the motivations and benefits of becoming an LNC.
  • Identify your career objectives and how to leverage your clinical experience.

Week 2: How to Approach an Attorney Work Product

  • Learn the critical questions to ask attorneys.
  • Understand the delivery methods for consultation versus discoverable work products.
  • Determine the best format for written reports.

Week 3: How to Proceed With Medical Record Analysis

  • Identify key issues and pertinent healthcare providers.
  • Organize electronic medical records efficiently.
  • Focus on critical medical records relevant to the incident.

Week 4: How to Deliver Attorney Work Products

  • Provide attorneys with exactly what they need.
  • Choose the appropriate format for your reports.
  • Anticipate and address pertinent questions related to the case.

Week 5: Building & Scaling a Dynamic Business

  • Special Guest Presentation.
  • Hear from Lynne Roe, Tez’s Personal Business Coach, on building and scaling dynamic businesses.

Week 6: Where to Go From Here?

  • Evaluate different types of LNC learning programs.
  • Decide on the best fit for your continued education.
  • Explore options for subsequent learning, including master classes and private coaching.

Additional Benefits

  • 1-on-1 Private Coaching Session with Tez
    Experience personalized guidance with a dedicated 1-on-1 private coaching session with Therese “Tez” Bryars, RN, BSN, LNCC. This exclusive session allows you to delve deep into your unique challenges and aspirations as an LNC. Tez will provide tailored advice, actionable insights, and strategic planning to help you navigate your career path effectively. Benefit from Tez’s extensive experience and get the individual attention you need to thrive in the legal nurse consulting field.
  • Two One-Hour Office Hour Sessions:
    Maximize your learning and business growth with two one-hour office hour sessions. These sessions are designed to provide you with the opportunity to ask any questions and seek clarification as you implement the course material into your practice. Whether you need advice on specific cases, guidance on business strategies, or support in overcoming obstacles, these interactive office hours will ensure you receive the support you need. Connect with Tez and fellow participants to share experiences, solve problems, and enhance your skills in a collaborative environment.

Enroll in Legal Nurse Consultant Mastery Program

Enroll Today!

Don’t miss this opportunity to advance your career as a Legal Nurse Consultant. Enroll in our Six-Week Legal Nurse Consultant Mastery Program today and take the first step toward a successful and fulfilling career in legal nurse consulting.

LNC Mastery Program

$ 995
  • 6 -Weekly Teaching Sessions (Online)
  • 1 on 1 Private Coaching Session with Tez
  • 2 -One Hour Office Hour Sessions

Meet Your Instructor: Therese "Tez" Bryars, RN, BSN, LNCC

Tez Bryars, a lifelong resident of New Orleans, LA, brings over 25 years of combined clinical nursing experience. She has worked in Labor & Delivery, Ambulatory Surgery, Medical-Surgical Nursing, Geriatrics, and Physician Office Management. With extensive experience in legal nurse consulting for both defense and plaintiff attorneys, Tez established Just in Case, LLC to provide quality work products and detailed analysis of medical records. Now, she focuses on coaching and mentoring new LNCs to help them succeed.

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